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Wedding Planner

7 - 12 months before the wedding

  Select a date: When setting a date, consider something that will accommodate both, your family and friends, such as the summer vacations when kids are out of school and families plan their holidays. Also, when considering a date near a major holiday, keep in mind that most reception locations increase their prices.
  Determine your budget: Be realistic when creating the budget. Determine who is paying for the wedding – the bride's family, the groom's family, the couple or a combination of the above. Highlight the one or two items that will mean the most to the both of you and budget the other items around these.
  Book the priest/pundit: Make sure that whoever is going to officiate your ceremony is available. Find a location: Reserve the location for your wedding ceremony and reception well in advance. It's best you get working on this as soon as your engagementn is done.
  Choosing a caterer: If you are evaluating caterers, ask around for references, meet with caterers personally and sample different menus.
  Book the photographer: Don't take photographers for granted. Most good photographers are booked many months in advance so start sourcing early and have a look at their portfolio. Keep in mind that he/she is responsible for capturing the formal and candid moments of your day, all of which will probably last a lifetime.
  Book the entertainment for the various ceremonies: Most weddings usually have a sangeet ceremony, a mehendi ceremony and so on, each of which will have some form of entertainment or the other. If you're hiring someone for these performances, make sure it's done in advance.

4 - 6 months before the wedding

  Shop and order wedding attire for the bride, the groom and the family: Apart from the bride and groom's wedding attire, attention needs to be paid to what people in the family are going to be wearing. If you have to place an order for the same for guests who are coming from out of town, have each member send their measurements to your tailor.
  Reserve rental equipment: If you are planning an outdoor ceremony and/or reception, order and reserve all the supplies such as tables, chairs and tents.
  Order wedding stationery: Choosing wedding stationery can be quite a task so the sooner you get to it, the better it is. This would include invites to the wedding and all the ceremonies that are to be held before and after.
  Make honeymoon reservations: Depending on where you and your partner decide to go for the honeymoon, keep all your legal documents ready.
  Book transportation: Reserve any special transportation needed on the day of the wedding for you and your family.
  Reserve accommodations for out-of-town guests: If you have plenty of out of town guests, look for hotels that offer group discounts on multiple bookings.

2 - 3 months before the Wedding

  Finalize the guest list: Guest lists are always fluctuating since guests drop in and out all the time. If you want to be very sure, you can make personal phone calls and confirm attendance instead of assuming that all those invited shall be attending.
  Meet with caterer and/or banquet manager: You've probably shortlisted a caterer for the wedding by now so it's time to finalize the menu and decide room decorations.
  Meet with the pundit/priest: Many families want their weddings to happen in a particular way. Meet with your pundit/priest if you have any such requirements.

1 month before the wedding

  Obtain the marriage license: The marriage license can be obtained upto 30 days in advance so be sure to get that done.
  Change your last name: If you plan to change your last name, consider your driver's license, passport, credit cards and bank accounts.
  Mail wedding invitations: When you mail invites, allow your guests enough time to make the necessary arrangements.
  Inform post office of change in address: Visit the post office and inform them about your new address. It's a simple procedure that requires you to fill out a form and shouldn't take more than a few minutes.

The wedding month

  Pick up wedding dress: Make sure the wedding dress is well wrapped and preserved for your wedding day.
  Finalize seating assignments: Decide where which relative will be seated. It is best to involve both sets of parents in the process so that you they can inform you of any rifts between family and / or friends.
  Finalize the guest count: Inform the caterer or the banquet manager of the final guest count.
  Make hair and make up appointment: One of the primary things on your wedding day is your hair and make up, so make sure you have your stylist booked in advance. The other thing you need to do is arrange for a full run through with both stylists.
  Pack for the Honeymoon: Since you wont have much time as the wedding draws close or after the wedding make sure you do all your honeymoon shopping(whether its beach wear or thermals) in advance.
  Pack for the day after your wedding: If your reception is at a hotel and you intend on staying at the honey moon suite the night of your wedding, remember to carry something nice and bridal for the next morning when you actually go back to your new home.
  Confirm details with vendors: Secure details with florists, photographers, caterers, videographers, entertainment, etc a month and then a week before your wedding day, just to be sure that they have blocked their dates and are available.
  Pass out wedding day schedules: Make sure each wedding day participant is aware of the day's activities and their roles